A car insurance guide for women

Relevant and useful: this guide to car insurance for Sheilas’ Wheels contains fully optimised keyword copy.

Sheilas’ is a website for women drivers. Our brief, working for top SEO agency iCrossing, was to create search engine optimised copy that would not only help their Google rankings, but would also be genuinely engaging for visitors.

Our guide covered all those things you might want to know about car insurance, from what to do in an accident, to car repairs and courtesy cars. We also researched fascinating and bizarre facts to add another level of interest.

The result? Improved ranking for keywords, plus invaluable new links into the site from the media and other special interest websites.

On average, people in the UK travel 5,713 miles in cars and other private road vehicles each year, compared with 189 miles walking, 39 miles on cycles, 245 miles on buses, 425 miles by train and 205 miles by taxi*.
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