Anthony Bullock – UK copywriter – alive and well!

28 October 2010

In this day and age, Googling yourself and your business name should really be a regular pastime. The big brands spend a fortune on online brand monitoring to see what people are saying about them. As usual though, being a super busy copywriter, checking my own name and business is a long way down the list of things to do.

Not for my mum though. Her silver surfing takes her to all corners of the interweb and yesterday that included Googling me. She then rang to inform me that high up in the listings is a piece proclaiming that a namesake in the States may be dead. There are others that say that as a freelance designer, he may be taking people's money and disappearing. Stay away! one helpful post shouts.

So to put the record straight, and with the aim of getting this piece up there to compete with all those slightly worrying ones: Anthony Bullock the Brighton copywriter is alive and well and working hard here in the UK. I've never run off with a client's money, and I produce fine copywriting. Don't stay away – come and get some.

The company name, antwords, also has to compete with some interesting people. While we are in most of the top spots, there's an engaging rap-rave crew from South Africa (Die Antwoord). Just to be clear, we don't write any of their lyrics.

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