Ant and Carol do SLEEPOUT

8 November 2013

Ant and Carol do SLEEPOUT

You hear about people getting to their holiday hotel only to find a building site next door. Imagine getting to a paper bag on a cold hard floor for SLEEPOUT only to find the construction on a new skyscraper works through the night! Huge cranes with searchlights swinging girders 7 floors above us till dawn.

If that wasn't enough, they've only gone and built an ice-rink right in the middle of the square. Great fun for a lunchtime skate but less fun when you're trying to stay warm before hitting the sack. Literally. A sack.

So, how did we do? We braved it with lager, whiskey, and just when everyone else was getting kicked out of the pop up ice rink bar, a couple of mulled wines on the house from the owner.

Bed about 1.30am. It was a mild dry night but it doesn't take long for the cold to seep in. The concrete floor soon makes itself known through the thin layer of cardboard. Flattened hip or frozen bum? Try the other hip.

As well as the building works there were a few other distractions. Our favourite was Mr. Sweary Drunk, who decided the best way to get into his sleeping sack at 2.30 am was to curse it at the top of his voice while blundering around our heads, one boot on, one off.

Rattling lorries. Sirens. Street cleaners. More drunkards. Oh and another construction site on the other side. We can't see this one, but every time the digger reverses it does that beeping thing. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. And it reverses a lot.

Sleep at last but then it seems noisy again. "6 am time to go. Recycle your sleep sack and you can grab a bacon sarnie as you leave…"

What did we learn? Three things (of course it's three things, because I'm a copywriter and I know three things is punchiest):

1. Even on a mild night, sleeping on the streets is cold, harsh, pretty scary and massively sleep depriving. Day after day it would quickly turn me into a stinky zombie with no hope of normal interaction with anyone. So raise your hats to Centrepoint for giving homeless young people a chance to get out of this nightmare and providing the support they need to get their lives back on track.

2. Who knew that they do big construction next to major pedestrian areas only at night? No wonder they seem to shoot up without anyone noticing.

3. The biggest thing we learned is that we have incredible friends, clients, colleagues and family. You sponsored Carol and I to over £1200 and still counting. Amazing!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And even though it's only 9.30 am.... Goodnight!

PS. Meant do that sponsor thing? It’s not too late:

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