Authentic tone of voice

11 October 2011

We're working on a new brand and the challenge is to create a genuinely authentic tone of voice. The brand is what Cindy Gallop speaking on Radio 4 recently called an 'action brand', a new generation of companies that defines itself by what it does rather than the messages it pushes out. This means that a great deal of the content for this brand will be user-generated, people telling others what they did as a result of getting involved with this company through videos, blogs, tweets.

But the website still needs copy that explains what the brand does, how you buy its services, what might happen when you do. While contemplating how to bring this alive, we sat in a very cool Brighton café, Next to the till, it said. "Decaf coffee 20p extra because it's uncool." Behind the counter a hand-written note said: "Oy! You with the laptop. Buy something!". Up above the window, next to a bunch of old toys hanging haphazardly upside down was a note that said: "When puppets go bad."

Their strapline is "Kick-ass coffee. Life changing cakes." Maybe they should add. "Bad-ass signage." Respect.

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