Google docs rocks

14 October 2011

The latest iteration of Google docs is proving a real boon for working on a collaborative project. We have a few of us – possibly as many as five or six people – all adding ideas for a project. Everything goes in to one document, which lives in a mysterious cloud. We will then meet to decide which ideas will actually feature in the final content.

Brilliant. Also brilliant fun. Keep it open and you can see your fellow collaborators formulating their ideas in real-time. Watch as they type, correct, retype, and go back and polish. You can even mess with it as they write. It's a fantastic tool in this context, and one that will save loads of emails, duplicates, editing and time-lapse misunderstandings.

But what will happen when clients begin to request we write into it? Can you imagine a brand manager with Google docs open watching as you explore random thoughts around kangaroos or koalas, before binning them in favour of a killer campaign that leads with hedgehogs? 

My advice is to have a play with Google docs, but whatever you do, don't tell anyone. On no, what have I done?

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