Handsfree copywriting

27 October 2011

Handsfree copywriting? Have we been tapping away with our toes? Has the seemingly magical new Siri voice assistant on the new iPhone 4S made its way to antwords towers? No, today we have been creating a partner promotion for handsfree Christmas shopping at Westfield, the monster mall in West London. Email marketing and direct mail to segmented audiences.

Actually we wrapped up most of the Christmas copywriting (forgive the pun – it was just too tempting) a long time ago. In fact most of our Christmas work seems to coincide with the few hot days of the year, just to make it even harder to find new Noël-esque nuances to delight and excite the world.

Now I've written 'Christmas' and' iPhone' in virtually the same sentence, I will take that as a sign and go and get myself one. 

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