How not to treat a customer

3 November 2011

Losing Internet services in the office makes you realise how dependent on the interweb we really are. As a copywriter I probably search for a reference, check a client name, research a keyword or dig around a concept about 10 times an hour. 

After 10 minutes, I rang to tell our provider, stealing myself for the number-pressing menus to come. All was annoying but bearable until it asked for a password. I didn't know it. Rather than giving a 'forgotten your password press 3' option, a patronising automated voice tried to talk me through how to input my password. Three times. By this time, I was screaming at the automated system.

I held and eventually it said "An operator will be with you in..." dramatic pause... new voice... "10 minutes."

Calm. Stay calm. Fair enough. Probably busy if they've dropped everyone's internet.

But then the corker. "We'll play you some music while you wait."


"For pop music press 1. Classical press 2."


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