It's pirate season

21 October 2011

It's great what you learn as a copywriter.

Yesterday I found out that the UK Border Agency is crippling our international student intake, and the associated £3bn export earnings that comes with it, by introducing overly robust English language criteria. As one senior education figure told me: "We now have to turn away a gifted Chinese neuroscientist who wants to do his post graduate studies here, because his English language skills aren't polished enough. It's ridiculous"

Today I learned that following a recent lull, the pirate season in the Gulf of Aden is back in full swing. Apparently the monsoon puts the pirating business on hold.

I'm not sure these two nuggets are strictly linked, apart from via the antwords workload. Unless Plymouth University, famous for its 'surf science' degree, is considering a pirate course?

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