SEO copy – is it always a compromise?

In a word: yes. The thing about SEO copy (search engine optimised copy) is that it has to include the terms that your audience is searching on. Sadly, that doesn’t always sit comfortably with what you want to say.

For example, you run an airline that has just invested in 11 shiny new planes at a cost of millions to provide reliable, comfortable services to continental Europe.  The last thing you’d want to market your new service under would be ‘cheap flights to Berlin’, but hey – that’s what 26,400 people searched Google for last month alone.

This is the argument that goes on in online offices up and down the land. It’s the never-ending fight between the online marketer and the Webmaster, between us SEO copy monkeys and the client brand managers.

What’s the answer?

The three C’s: Compromise; Creativity and Copy.

Compromise on both sides
No matter what business you’re in, there will undoubtedly be brand taboos that have to be upheld. For example, we work for the UK’s top executive search firm who place really senior people like the Chairman of the BBC. They would rather shut up shop than use the word ‘Headhunter’ on their site. So despite the fact that on average 18,100 people search under ‘headhunter’ each month, it’s not going to happen.

On the other side of the argument, if your marketing ambition is to get better visibility in Google, copy on your site has to get in-line with the phrases that your audience is searching on. And that might mean being slightly less precious about the phraseology you allow. Just because your main product is called ‘Homeowner insurance’, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the generic term ‘home owner insurance’ (separate words) if you’re sensible with it.

Time to get creative
There are all kinds of ways of embracing awkward terms, so they don’t read like dodgy SEO copy. UK sites are full of subtly hidden phrases that don’t trip up the casual reader, but will match with keywords from Google; copy that belongs on the page, but is simply working harder by helping to rank for keywords at the same time.

Copywriting that counts
When it comes to SEO copy, choose your terms carefully, take time to consider where they add value to your narrative and then get some damn good SEO copywriters to put it all in place. Perhaps we could help?

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