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26 January 2010

When it comes to SEO copywriting, antwords is perfectly setup to handle big volumes, with fast turnarounds. SEO copywriting is one of our specialisms, and we’ve been doing it for agencies and brands for many years.

We’ve just begun a 100+ page SEO copywriting project for a major online commercial insurer. The brief is to create intelligent, useful website copy related to the insurance needs of specific types of businesses and trades.

As a copy agency, antwords has the flexibility to produce a high volume of pages each day, using different SEO copywriters. The key to good quality end-product is to maintain focussed editorial control, and to tie down the layout and common content variables at the start.

5 steps to high volume, high quality, SEO copywriting

1. Written brief. It’s essential that all the SEO copywriters on the project fully understand the client, their brand and the objective of the exercise.

2. Sample pages. We always create sample pages and get client sign-off if possible. This not only gives all the copywriters a feel for tone and style, it also enables us to anticipate the issues for the rule book.

3. Creating a rule book. Every client has anomalies that relate to their brand and their industry. For example, is Public Liability a product (CAPS), or is public liability a generic description (upper and lower case)? Ironing out as many of these issues at the front end saves 100+ amends at the close.

4. Dividing the project into sensible chunks. Even our experienced SEO copywriters can be overwhelmed with a huge mass of pages all required NOW! Dividing the project into batches, with set delivery dates, helps everyone provide better quality copy, with breathing space to do other work or just get away from it for a while.

5. One editor. This is the key to quality SEO copywriting. In this case all the copy will be reviewed and edited by Ant, then proofed and checked by Carol. That means the client is effectively getting SEO copywriting that has been triple-checked.

Got to go – chimney sweep insurance needs editing.

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