The joys of the vertical mouse

22 July 2009

Has anyone else discovered the absolute joy of the vertical mouse?

As a copywriter, I produce a lot of words. When the schedule is really heavy, I sometimes get pains in my right hand and arm, particularly when copywriting a chunky website, or a series of newsletters, like we do for Save the Children.

The vertical mouse cuts all that out. If you don’t believe me try the following exercise:

  • Put your hand flat on a table top. Notice how the muscles in your arm are stressed from your wrist, up your forearm and right through your biceps.
  • Now turn your hand so it rests on its side on the table. Magic: everything’s relaxed.

It’s the best £65 I’ve spent in the last few weeks – if you don’t include the crazy upgrade deal I did to get my paws on a new 3GS iPhone – but that’s another story. And it looks cool too. Go on, treat yourself…

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